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Description of beer

There are two live, unpasteurized special taste sorts of beer without artificial carbon dioxide produced in restaurant – brewery “Avilys”:

AVILIO light - two types of malt are used in its manufacture: hops and barm. There is 4,8±0,5 % “Avilys” light beer;

MEDAUS semi - light – three types of malt are used in its manufacture. Roasted malt and natural bee honey are used to get tawny (semi – dark) color. There is 5,0±0,5 % alc. In “Medaus” semi – light beer.

The highest quality premium beer is cooked in restaurant – brewery “Avilys” with an austrian equipment Beer Lilly Brewerieser. It is “live”, unfiltered, non carbonated beer, made from the finest sorts of malt, flavored hops. If malt is a basis of beer and determines its taste, then hops are the contrast for sweetness of grain. It also gives heady aroma. All duration of beer manufacture lasts minimun 21 day.
For the guests of “Avilys” cognitive excursions in a brewery with beer tasting are organized.